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Watching God Answer Prayers

“I pray that God can help me to positively, handle my anger and emotions, to be able to identify positive and negative people in my life, to help me stay focused on my music and getting in to Bowie State University and that God can make something positive out of my situation and that everything…

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Be an imitator of me

In 1 Corinthians, Paul boldly states, “I exhort you, be imitators of me.” This is what we are called to in our Christian walk, to set an example for others by imitating Christ and imitating mature believers who have lead us. Leading up to my incarceration, Joe Ehrmann was a man who gave me great…

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Listen, speak, listen, listen, listen

I went to my first unCUFFED court appearance last week to speak as an advocate for one of the boys I mentor. I’ve attended many sentencing hearings with youth at my last place of employment, but this was quite different. I have come to know this kind, humble, standoffish kid. When I heard the specifics…

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