Watching God Answer Prayers

“I pray that God can help me to positively, handle my anger and emotions, to be able to identify positive and negative people in my life, to help me stay focused on my music and getting in to Bowie State University and that God can make something positive out of my situation and that everything works out for the best.” – Dominic*

“I ask that the Lord give me one more chance in life. I know I messed up a lot but I think it’s time to change so please pray for me to get one more chance. And to keep my loved ones safe because it’s a dirty world out there and please ask him to help my loved ones from struggling. Thank you so much.” – Scott*

Last Tuesday, we had 15 youth choose to attend our Alpha class at Hickey. At the end of our sessions the guys are all very eager to write down their prayer requests. Some of them are brief and simple and then some like these, just tear at my heart as I see the humility and sincere dependence they express. These are kids who face serious charges. These are young boys who have experienced some serious abandonment.

Dominic’s prayer is a model prayer that we would want all of our youth to pray because it illustrates dependence, seeking wisdom, and hope for the future. Dominic knows that his emotions can get the better of him and now he sees God as a personal God who can actually assist him to better manage his feelings. He also recognizes that he has been fooled into trusting the wrong people so he is sincerely asking God to give him spiritual discernment in how to choose his friends. Even though he is facing criminal charges that can put a cloud over his opportunities, he is looking for God’s help to look to the future and is holding on to a faith that God can make something good come from his situation.

Scott says that he knows that he messed up. There are alot of 17 year old boys out there who have never admitted that they have messed up. They are willing to imagine numerous excuses or shift the blame to a co-defendant or friend before they would take responsibility for where they are. Scott knows he messed up, knows he needs to change and is asking God for another chance. We don’t know what that second chance may look like, but we do know that God hears Scott’s prayer and will answer it in His way. Lastly, Scott is not just praying for himself but he is aware of the dangers that all of his loved ones are facing and he is interceding for his friends and his siblings and his parents.

Part of Scott’s prayer was answered last week. Scott’s brother, *Jeremy, who we have worked with in the past, called John Rusnak seeking help. John was able to listen, meet up with him, reunite him with unCUFFED friends and take him to church! Jeremy was struggling. Scott prayed that God would help him from struggling and guess what? God heard him and used John to shower him with the love and support Jeremy needed.

Thank you God for these humble prayers and for allowing us to continue to speak truth in to these boy’s lives!