Listen, speak, listen, listen, listen

I went to my first unCUFFED court appearance last week to speak as an advocate for one of the boys I mentor. I’ve attended many sentencing hearings with youth at my last place of employment, but this was quite different.

I have come to know this kind, humble, standoffish kid. When I heard the specifics of his crime I couldn’t understand how he could have have committed the acts he was accused of! I assumed I would have known what he was capable of.

When I finally got to speak up for him (which his lawyer hadn’t done), I felt my eyes welling up with tears as I looked down at this child with so much potential, showing a demeanor that said, I really don’t care.

What I really learned was, the most important thing I am to do here at unCUFFED Ministries is to be a part of the preparation for the next step in in our youths’ lives. Whether it continues in jail, or at home. Even more so, I learned I must listen, speak, listen, listen, listen.