How Can You Help?



unCUFFED relies on the dedication of countless volunteers to walk alongside, mentor and teach the boys and girls who we support. We are always seeking new volunteers. If you would like to make a difference in a child's life, there are many ways to partner with us. Please complete the form below and a member of our team will reach out!


Every week, we ask our boys and girls to share prayer requests with a dedicated group of volunteers who are committed to faithfully pray for these children. Below are a few recent examples of the cries of their heart.

Second Chances

“Can you pray for me and my family because I’m thankful to God that he is giving me another chance in my life.” – A Hickey School Inmate


“God please be with me Friday for court and also my cousin. We need your strength and wisdom to keep pushing past this obstacle in life. I thank you for everything you’ve given me and helped me with.” -A HIckey School Inmate

Growth and Improvement

“That I just continue to grow and better myself as a young man; that my relationship gets better with my family; that my situation gets better.” -A Hickey School Inmate

Patience & Peace

“Pray for patience, peace and staying away from evil.” -A Jennifer Road Inmate

Protection and Waiving Down

“Please pray that I get waived down on April 30 and get home in a timely manner. Please pray for my protection and my family’s protection.” – A BCDC Inmate

Focus and Help

“Please, please keep protection around my family and please keep me focused and help us all through our trials and tribulations of life.” – A BCDC Inmate

A Glimpse of God

For A Friend: “Please also pray that God would reveal himself in a very tangible way to DG so that he would feel and be certain of God’s love for him.” -A Hickey School Inmate

Protection and Forgiveness

“Dear God Please pray that I get waived down on May 15. Please protect me in this situation and place. Please forgive me for my sins, and crime.” -A BCDC Inmate

Safety and Strength

“My prayer request is that my family stay safe and protected and God keep me protected and give me strength every day. That God keep me strong throughout this situation and let me be better each day.” – A BCDC Inmate

Home and Employment

“I ask that you can pray for me so I can get help with my upcoming court dates and I can go home to my family and I won’t have a record and be able to get a job.” -A Hickey School Inmate