What Are We Doing?



One-to-One mentoring connects youth in the facility with adults who are committed to walking alongside them to build an enduring relationship. These mentoring sessions provide a safe place for the youth to be themselves and help them craft a vision statement for their life. We are building relationships to earn trust to speak the Truth of Jesus Christ.


Bible Study

These sessions are a deeper dive into Biblical Truth with life applications for our boys and girls. We are thrilled to find that many come to us having a faith foundation and an understanding of Scripture. Most of the children are very receptive to our studies. We focus on exposing them to a living Jesus through the Truth of the Scripture.



The Transitions and Impending Classes are designed to offer life skills training that assists the youth in their next step of returning to society or living out long term incarceration. Topics include taking responsibility for their actions, discussions on forgiveness, stress, anger management, creating a life map, and job preparation.



Tutors coordinate with each facility’s public school program. They work one-on-one with boys and girls who are pursuing their education while incarcerated.


Creative Arts

We believe art to be transformative. Our Creative Arts Class teaches basic art techniques and processes to offer the youth a constructive and creative outlet. We also host drumming classes to learn to play percussion using Cajon box drums and Christian Rap music.



S.E.L.F. (Safety, Emotions, Loss & Future) allows young adults to address the problems and the effects of exposure to violence or trauma in their lives. Recovery from trauma begins with helping an individual to understand the psychobiological effects of their life experiences, traumatic or not. By using simple terminology, that is easy to identify with, individuals begin to understand and are able to put words to the emotions, patterns, recurrent effects that are a result of their life experiences.