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Girl, Incarcerated.

I’ve been trying to imagine making a bad choice with ‘friends’ and spending the next 9 months in jail; at the age of 15. No doubt I have made bad choices, I have given in to peer pressure, and I have raised teen girls. So, I’m trying to relate to what these young ladies might…

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Highs & Lows through Snapshots

A popular warm up question to a small group is often, what was the high and low of your week? Another warm up question might be, describe a significant event in the form of a photograph or snapshot. Given that as a backdrop, I wanted to share two recent snapshots from working with detained youth…

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Too Many Hats

These are real text messages from my daughter that I read after leaving Baltimore City’s Youth Detention Center: Daddy, where are you? DADDYEEEE!!!!! Call me back HELLO!!!! I’m really worried you’re not responding Daddy please just write me back Are you dead? When I finally called her, she was legitimately upset with me so I…

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