Building Relationships to earn Trust so we can speak Truth

The Why

When youth are charged as adults in the criminal justice system, unCUFFED staff and volunteers get to know them. We work with detention facilities, businesses, and parents to help youth who are being held in adult facilities transition to the next stage of life. By spending time with these youth and building enduring relationships, unCUFFED seeks the privilege to guide their perspective, show God’s love, and prepare them with skills for an uncertain future. Our goal is to help youth mature, show the community how to help, and work to reduce repeat offenders.



We are thrilled to announce that unCUFFED’s new website, which was generously designed through donation by Zest Social Media Solutions, is now live at . The website offers information ...

A Kairos Moment

Let me take a moment and introduce you to Ramone. He is from California, he is Latino and his father is a Pastor. He grew up in a church as ...

Girl, Incarcerated.

I’ve been trying to imagine making a bad choice with ‘friends’ and spending the next 9 months in jail; at the age of 15. No doubt I have made bad ...

Highs & Lows through Snapshots

A popular warm up question to a small group is often, what was the high and low of your week? Another warm up question might be, describe a significant event ...

Too Many Hats

These are real text messages from my daughter that I read after leaving Baltimore City’s Youth Detention Center: Daddy, where are you?DADDYEEEE!!!!!Call me back HELLO!!!!I’m really worried you’re not respondingDaddy ...


Week after week we talk to the boys at Hickey hoping that the message of Jesus will make a difference in their lives. We know that they are listening, discussing, ...

In My Times of Trouble Father Guide Me

“When I am afraid, I will put my trust in You. In God, whose Word I praise, In God I have put my trust; I shall not be afraid. What ...

I Know Why

On July 14th 2017, I officially became a member of the unCUFFED Ministries staff. At that time we were in 3 correctional facilities. Eighteen months later, we are active in ...

Wow What A Party!!

On December 22nd unCUFFED partnered with the Youth Detention Center in Baltimore City to host a Christmas party for incarcerated youth. James McCray, Tim Schriver, Chris Duncan, and Timothy Lamp ...

Joshua’s Baptism

This post was originally written in 2015, and now we will be telling Josh's story at our Celebration on 11/15! I’m locked down in a room for 45 minutes with ...

Our Services

Many boys and girls in Maryland live in turmoil. In their homes, they experience poverty, hunger, abuse, and familial strife. Some do not have a home at all. In their schools, they feel distracted, frustrated, worthless, and unappreciated. On their streets, they witness derelict buildings, record-breaking crime, trauma, and death. The daily challenges they face leave these kids feeling trapped in an existence that holds no promise, no future and no hope. This mindset leads them down dangerous paths, which often leads to incarceration or death.

This is where unCUFFED Ministries comes in, to form relationships with these boys and girls to show them an alternate path that changes their narrative leading to redemption, hope and the love of Jesus Christ.



One-to-One mentoring connects youth in the facility with adults who are committed to walking alongside them.


Bible Study

A deeper dive into Biblical Truth applicable to the lives of these boys and girls.



The Transitions and Impending Classes are designed to offer various life skills training that will assist the youth wherever their next step may be.



Tutors are provided according to recommendations by the facility’s school program and matched to the boys and girls who are working to continue their education while incarcerated.


Creative Arts

We believe that Art can be transformative. Our Creative Arts Class teaches basic art techniques and processes to offer the youth a constructive and creative outlet.



S.E.L.F. (Safety, Emotions, Loss & Future) allows young adults to address the problems and the effects of exposure to violence or trauma in their lives.

Our Locations

unCUFFED staff and volunteers work in over 10 city and county detention facilities across Maryland. Click on a location below to learn more about the facility, including information about how to visit an inmate, send money or directions to the location.