If God Were Looking at My Life

Tim Schriver - Director of Juvenile Programming

The Correlation between Addiction & Incarceration

We ask that you pray for the victims of drink driving accidents and for their families but at the same time pray for society to value the criminals, the addicts and the alcoholics that God might use them despite their sin for salvation and Kingdom works while here on Earth.

Books, Bibles & The Word!

We will enter a tier for Bible Study with Bibles, Jesus Calling Books, and composition books and will literally be overrun with demand for something meaningful to read. To brings books inside, we must use these clear plastic bags and each title must be approved in advance. It makes me smile when we return and find guys who have marked up their Bibles, folded back pages in books, and come with questions about what they have read.

Good News but Big Needs

unCUFFED needs your help! We need Christian men and women that are willing to give one hour per week to work with incarcerated boys or girls. We don't need theologians or well equipped experts. We only need servants willing to be dedicated in showing the unconditional love of Jesus Christ.

Koinōnia – Partnership

Project JumpStart is an 87-hour pre-apprenticeship training program that provides intensive classroom and hands-on training to Baltimore City residents every year. Their mission is to train low-income city residents to enter the building trades on a construction career track that will help them advance beyond the entry-level.

Reentry Rap @ HUM

Helping Up Mission is a community of hope helping men and women fighting addiction and homelessness get their lives back. Their comprehensive recovery programs address root issues of substance abuse and poverty. As one person is healed, Greater Baltimore is raised up.

We’re Back!

Indoor Visitation Resumes in the City and that means 30 for 30 is also back! The aptly named and wildly popular Bible Study combines thirty minutes of working through an original youth oriented lesson followed by a thirty minute game of three on three full court basketball!

My soul magnifies the Lord

During this Christmas season, we are doing our best to support the boys and girls we serve as well as their families

Onesimus, Malcolm & Me

Paul did it for Onesimus, Charles & Danny did it for me, and now I do this for young men like Malcolm.

Does Every Girl Need a Boaz?

Matthew 1:5-6 “Salmon the father of Boaz, whose mother was Rahab, Boaz the father of Obed, whose mother was Ruth, Obed the father of Jesse, and Jesse the father of King David.”