A Kairos Moment

Let me take a moment and introduce you to Ramone. He is from California, he is Latino and his father is a Pastor. He grew up in a church as a child, but got mixed up in the wrong group of friends. He ended up chasing heroin across the country and found himself on the streets of Baltimore. He only knew users and, as most stories like this go, he ended up in Jail.

Ramone faithfully attended an unCUFFED Bible study while incarcerated and formed a relationship with our Executive Director, John Rusnak. One day, by the grace of God, the courts surprisingly dropped the charges against him and he was released. He walked from the court back to the jail to claim his few possessions but found himself emotionally lost once he arrived. Not knowing anyone but users, he didn’t have any place to go, or any friends. The temptation to use was high.

But God…

As he sat in the lobby of the Baltimore County Detention Center, head in hands with a plastic bag holding his few possessions, God organized a kairos moment. In the midst of Ramone’s despair, John walked through the lobby on the way to a mentoring session inside. Immediately, John was able to help him, he called down to the Helping Up Mission and applied for Ramone to be an overnight guest. He was granted two days and quickly applied to the one year program, much to his surprise it was granted.

Today you can find Ramone pursuing his faith, sober, singing in the choir for the Helping Up Mission and working landscaping. unCUFFED is not an organization about taking all of the credit, we work cooperatively with organizations like Helping Up that can serve more efficiently in different areas. This is just one of the many success stories.

Peyton Funk is interning with unCUFFED. She holds multiple bachelor degrees and her self stated mission is “I want to work with youth to live full lives, I want to equip them with tools to be the best people that they can be and be a mentor and a resource to them in their walk with God and recovery.”