Wow What A Party!!

On December 22nd unCUFFED partnered with the Youth Detention Center in Baltimore City to host a Christmas party for incarcerated youth.

James McCray, Tim Schriver, Chris Duncan, and Timothy Lamp arrived at 2:45 pm to unload our large load of gifts along with much tasty fried chicken from Royal Farms!

We were all a bit shocked to see how the gym had been transformed into an absolutely beautiful dining hall. The tables were filled with, cards, chess sets, bingo, checkers, and families. Needless to say, everyone kept themselves occupied! There was also a spread of food that even the families, yes their families, were impressed with! What a great thing to witness: the youth with their families actually eating, and enjoying their loved ones in the season of the Birth of Christ!

Not only did unCUFFED provide the chicken, we also provided the youth with packed gift bags including T-Shirts, socks, Bibles, daily devotionals, puzzle books and toiletries. There was so much that Facility Administrator Whitaker decided to keep many of the gifts stored so some the youth would have a reserve when they ran out of necessities in the future.

She also gave thanks to unCUFFED for playing such a large part in the success for the youth.
We knew many of the youth that were there, and were able to speak to some parents who we knew when their children were held at the Baltimore County Detention Center!

Thank you to the churches and individuals who donated money and supplies to make this party work. You have impacted these boys and girls to let them know that, despite their crime, they are loved and valued by God.

As I said at the beginning…, What a Party!