Weddings NOT Funerals

After reading this article in the Baltimore Sun, 18-year-old man shot and killed by Baltimore police during pursuit, I was exasperated. The judge had provided leniency for this young man in court one day and he was killed the next after making the choice to return to the game. We never had the opportunity to work with this young man, the need is too great out there and the resources inadequate. I know I can’t change this outcome, but like the little boy in the Starfish Story, I can make a difference for a few. That has lead to my recent drumbeat with the boys, “I am in this with you for the long term, change now to save your life, I want to be invited to your wedding not your funeral.”

It amazes me how few of the boys in the streets are formulating a long term plan in their heads. They see no possibility of tranquil long term existence with a wife and a family. However, the opportunity working with young guys is that they are pliable. If you can engage them and they come to trust you they will listen and examine your premise. unCUFFED speaks hope, eternity, and faith in the loving arms of a Creator but also we speak peace and tranquility in this present age. I spoke to a young guy through the door of his cell last week, he is constantly in trouble and on lockup. I was begging him to heed this warning message. His response, “I need ya to show me.” That’s why we do what we do.