Quads & Fellowship in a new facility

Last week, we received approval to start work in a new facility, the Baltimore City Correctional Center. We continue to work with juveniles being held in the City’s Pretrial Wyatt building but BCCC is a new facility for us. BCCC is a minimum security facility downtown that houses inmates sentenced to time in the Department of Corrections. It is safer, cleaner, and has more programming than other DOC facilities like Jessup or the Roxbury Correctional Institution in Hagerstown. Inmates at BCCC are on average younger, have been convicted of less violent crimes, and are serving shorter sentences; they are housed alongside other men who are in the final stages of longer sentences.

Next week we will begin a Quad there, a small group of young men who will come together to seek their Creator, while also finding encouragement, advice, and even correction from each other. The Bible repeatedly models small groups and deeper personal relationships with other believers from
David & Jonathan, to Jesus’ 12 Apostles, to Acts 2:42-47, and Philemon’s house church It seems clear that all of us, inside or outside the walls of prison, need the accountability of a life group as we learn to walk closer with Christ.

It is our hope that these young men can begin to understand that we are all
 greatly effected by the people we keep close to us and that the choices they make when released with regard to friends and associates will greatly impact their freedom and their eternity.