When a 17 year old boy writes out his life story it should be filled with summer camp stories, high school antics, sports teams and their big games, falling in love, hard work in school, plans for the future, and a discovery of his faith in a Creator.

Sadly, for the boys we work with it is often filled with violence, death, crime, poverty, incarceration, and failure. Struggles in life do not excuse criminal behavior, we realize that society must condemn and punish those who break the social compact but the lifelines these boys created for us recently tell a story of despair, a story that tells us how much they need to be loved and how necessary it is to share the gospel message with them.

Eternity starts today for each one of these boys, the Latin phrase “Nunc Coepi” rings true; that every day each of us has a chance to begin again, to make a vow to the Lord, to do the next and best thing in the sight of the Creator. When we stumble we must get up but a helping hand is integral in that climb.