Hey Miss Kim

I heard those words shouting out of a window on East Madison Street ​last night. They were actually the answer to a crazy prayer I had offered up 90 minutes earlier​.

Last May, I first met Dan (pseudonym) on the youth tier of the Baltimore County Detention Center. He was warm, energetic, open and eager to learn. He came to most of our classes, was quick to participate but like most teenagers could easily be distracted by his peers. He never hesitated to engage in a deep conversation and I was impressed when he took up ​our​ recommendation and read The Purpose Driven Life.

Dan also met with our dedicated unCUFFED mentor Fran Schindler on a weekly basis. Over the months a deep bond grew to the point that Dan admitted that he had never received so much attention from any man before and really saw Fran as his role model. We were so delighted that God had created an important relationship that blessed both the mentee and mentor!

Dan waited for 11 months for his case to be heard and he was given a 20-year sentence, all suspended ​but 10 years. It was a heavy blow when the judge announced her decision to sentence him beyond the guidelines. We met with him on May 21st, the​ day before he was sent to ​Maryland Reception, Diagnostic and Classification Center​ (aka MRDCC), to say good bye and pray God’s protection over him. We would now lose our weekly contact with Dan as he is not allowed visitors in MRDCC which is located downtown on Madison Avenue at Greenmount.

So back to where I was last night; at 6 pm I was on the sidewalk of Madison Street waiting for a colleague and sent up the crazy prayer that Dan would somehow be able to see me. Then at 7:30 pm John, Chris and I ​came​ out of our newly formed Bible study with the youth in the Baltimore City Pre-Trial Complex. We were standing on the steps for about 5 minutes to debrief when all 3 of us distinctly heard a loud voice from above us shout “H​ey Miss Kim!” “O man, you guys, that HAS to be Dan! He is the only guy of ours in ​MRDCC ​right now,” I exclaimed.

We quickly turned and waved our arms so that Dan would know that we DID indeed hear him although we were clueless as to where he was calling from. What a crazy encounter but what a blessing of an encounter that once again God the Father had orchestrated this unscheduled meeting so to encourage us and Sam!

Thank you for your support which fulfills Hebrews 13:3 of remembering the prisoner. Please join us in praying for Dan as he adjusts to his new placement serving his time in the Department of Corrections. ​