Dean Landers

After spending some extended time with unCUFFED Executive Director John Rusnak and getting to know him in early fall 2018, he asked if I would consider joining the Board to offer long term direction as well as personal accountability to him. Interestingly and without John’s knowledge, I had been praying along these same lines recognizing the Lord was leading me to spend even more of my time helping men grow their vision of ministry and business. The Lord had been bringing various men to me but seldom does anyone ask for, much less express excitement about being held accountable. I knew instantly this was answer to that prayer and I had to say yes. Here I am Lord. Use me! It has been a joy!

Dean Landers is the President and Founder of Landers Appliance, Inc. a multiple award-winning service company in Baltimore. He also works as an Industry speaker, author, and consultant. Dean is the creator and author of GLEEPS!, a soft skills application for technician and Customer Service Rep training. He is the Chairman of Youth 180, an evangelical Christian outreach organization. and a dedicated mentor of young men without fathers in the home through Life Coaches, a Baltimore City Young Life ministry.

Dean is married to Tricia Milan, they have five children, three sons-in-law, two daughters-in-law, 22 delightful grandchildren and two grandchildren-in-laws! He loves Jesus and is joyful in his work and play.