Thanksgiving 2019

Rejoice always; pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. – 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

As 2019 winds down unCUFFED has much to be thankful for. Below are just a few things on our list.

New Programs

  1. In a partnership with Fellowship of Christian Athletes we are leading a workout class for women at the Patuxent Institution in Jessup. In line with the core philosophy of FCA and unCUFFED we are coming alongside these women to build relationships.
  2. A new Bible Study at the Charles H. Hickey School in Parkville lead by Mike Griffith and Sandy Dance. unCUFFED already has an existing Bible Study and Life Skills class in the Mandela building as well as tutoring at Hickey.
  3. A new Bible Study for girls at the Youth Detention Center on Greenmont Avenue in Baltimore lead by Kim Turner. We already serve the boys at YDC but as the girls population is growing we are meeting girls that want to grow in Christ.
  4. We have started a Life Skills Class at the Patuxent Institutions with boys with whom we built relationships while they were held in County facilities prior to their sentencing. They are now serving their sentences at Patuxent. Many committed egregious crimes and are serving sentences from 20 to 40 years. Still God values them and He continues to lead us to establishing enduring relationships with them. We don’t quit on the downtrodden.
  5. In a partnership with the Black Clergy Women of the Baltimore/Washington Conference we are starting a Life Skills Class for women at Patuxent.

Resources – We are extremely grateful for the success of our annual Celebration that allowed us to raise the money needed to continue our work in 2020. We asked and God provided. We are thankful that he touched the hearts of so many believers who partner with us in sharing the gospel behind the walls of jails and prisons in Maryland.

Volunteers – Thank you for so many that have stepped forward to love kids directly or work behind the scenes to support us! Thank you to:

Amy Berbert
Beverly Purnell
Bob Carmen
Brian Pabst
Chris Duncan
Chris Moran
Chris Wesley
Dan Andreson
Danielle Garrett
Danny Reedy
David Castle
Dean Landers
Derek Favreau
Doug Bopst
Emily Girsch
Emily Peterson
Eunice Joseph
Fran Schindler
George Antonakos
George Hopkins
Greg Grant
Henry Meyers
James Edwards
Jay Gnanadoss
Josh Goodman
Kathy Smith
Linda Conrad
Mark Booker
Mark Scheuerman
Mary Pabst
Marybeth Moran
Matt Ellis
Michelle Fritsch
Mike Griffith
Morgan Hylton
Nancy Misotti
Paige Fritsch
Peyton Funk
Rob Smith
Sandy Dance
Sandy Kempton
Sarahbeth Kapusta
Scott Buresh
Selena Johnson
Sharon Tyler
Shaun Smithson
Sirena Alford
Sonia King
Stephan Kapusta
Steve Simms
Tim Lamp
Tim Schriver
Tom Moen
Zelda Childs