I Know Why

On July 14th 2017, I officially became a member of the unCUFFED Ministries staff. At that time we were in 3 correctional facilities. Eighteen months later, we are active in 8 different facilities, with no end in sight, as God has continued to open doors for those in need.

Of course, this means that more volunteers, reentry helpers, art volunteers, mentors, life skills facilitators, bible study teachers, and much more will be needed as God continues to increase our territory. It’s great to see how mental heath therapists, and trauma specialists are also eager to join in the solution of recidivism with our youth, male and female.

As a few of us are moving toward more challenging roles in the ministry, it is so amazing to see how quickly things are happening. I’d like to personally thank every volunteer that has labored with me in the jails. I’ve learned so much from each and every one of you, and your presence of listening or teaching in the classes has been a valuable part of my 62 year old growth!.

In closing, I now can see the path God has made for me, and why! Every place I’ve worked in the past 12 years has been another step toward unCUFFED Ministries, and I am grateful for the path.
The two most important days of our lives are, the day we were born, and the day we realize why!
I know why!

James was recently promoted and named Baltimore City Area Director for unCUFFED. We are thankful to have him! Keep running Brother to accomplish His will!